Rosary Revolution

Since 2007 Spirit in Jesus has been spearheading a ‘Rosary Revolution’. As children of Holy Virgin Mary Spirit in Jesus was in the forefront of a battle involving the Woman (Gen 1:15; Rev 12) on the one side and the ancient serpent, her arch-adversary on the other. The weapon in our armory is the Holy Rosary, a weapon given by Heaven to vanquish the satanic forces that have enslaved the humanity and to banish the darkness that has enveloped the created universe.

Between July and December 2011 Spirit in Jesus proposes to offer 5500,000 Rosaries prayed by 30,000 children of Virgin Mary with the following intentions: 1. Conversion of Israel (they shall know Jesus and accept Him as Messiah); 2. Proper conservation of Holy Places (many of the holy sites are in the custody of non-believers and therefore not given the respect they deserve); 3. Salvation of souls of all the dead in Israel; 4. World Peace; and 5. For the 30,000 participants of this Rosary Revolution.

The present Rosary Revolution has a very humble beginning. In June 2007 during an intercession prayer organized at Munnar, in Kerala, Holy Mary asked them to offer 1000 Rosaries to Her Immaculate Heart. And that initiative snowballed. In July 2011 Spirit in Jesus declared a Rosary Revolution spanning 100 days in the subsequent months of August, September, October and November and proposed to offer one million Rosaries to be prayed by 10,000 persons.

The modality of saying the Rosary was outlined as follows: Every enrolled person shall say 153 beads of the Rosary every day and offer it to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for the following intentions:

  1. World Peace: that peace shall dawn in every country, house hold and on every ruler throughout the world.
  2.  Evangelization of the world: that the Word of God shall be proclaimed throughout the world; that Mother Mary who gave Jesus to the world shall be glorified; and everyone shall accept Jesus as Lord.
  3.  Sanctification of the Church: that Catholic Church transforms itself to a holy community; that there shall be only one Church (that divisions among denominations shall disappear) and every one shall receive the anointment of the Holy Spirit.
  4. Salvation of Souls: that every dead shall be saved in Jesus; therefore pray for the salvation of all souls; and
  5.  Pray for all the persons and their respective households participating in this Rosary Revolution.

There is no rigid modality for praying the Rosary. One can do it anytime and anywhere; one does not have to sit quiet for it; it may be prayed while eating, travelling or resting. The praying of a Rosary (153 beads) is equivalent to placing a golden crown on the head of Mother Mary. If one cannot complete 153 beads of the Rosary, 53 beads of the Rosary would suffice. 153 beads of the Rosary jointly said by three persons, one each by one person would also be accepted. But they shall be offered for the above mentioned intentions and followed by a Litany which makes the Rosary complete. Anyone who is a devotee of Virgin Mary can participate in this.

The Spirit in Jesus community, about 700 from all parts of Kerala gathered at the altar of Holy Mary at Vailankanny, Tamil Nadu and offered the one million Rosaries to Her in a solemn ceremony spanning 27 and 28 of October 2007.

The Rosary prayer continued uninterrupted. By 2008 the number of devotees offering Rosaries doubled to nearly 20000.Through 2008 and 2009 Spirit in Jesus could mobilize millions of Rosary prayers from them and offer them to Her Immaculate Heart for the very same intentions.

By 2010 the number of persons offering Rosaries increased. Between January and May 2010 Spirit in Jesus gathered 4.5 million Rosary prayers from about 30,000 Marian devotees and offered them to Holy Mary. However, there was a change in the intentions. This time they were offered for: 1. the one billion population of India to receive Jesus as their Savior; 2. sanctification of the Church in India. 3. Salvation of all souls; 4.evangelisation of the world; and 5. The 30,000 Marian devotees participating in the Rosary Revolution.

In February 2010 the Spirit in Jesus made a spiritual journey through the Holy Land as the guests of our Lord Jesus and Mother Mary. And that journey changed whole orientation of the intentions of the Rosary. Recognizing the lack of Christian faith in the land where Jesus was born, lived and died and the sorry state of affairs of the holy sites, the intentions of the Rosary Revolution were completely focused on The Holy land. These intentions came into effect from June 2010 and continue till date.

Why don’t you too join this Revolution by registering yourself as a child of the Woman to crush the head of the ancient serpent?

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