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\'Spirit in Jesus\' is the Spirit of God, Who descended upon Jesus at the time of his baptism The name \'Spirit in Jesus\' is neither handwork of man nor of human wisdom. It is given to us by God, the Most high. It is not an organization or a group of any kind. \'Spirit in Jesus\' is the Spirit of God, who descended upon Jesus at the time of his baptism. The \'Spirit of God\' or the \'Holy Spirit\' guided Jesus and gave him the power to perform miracles. He gave Jesus strength to suffer and die on the cross. After his death on the cross, the Spirit of Jesus with the help of the Holy Spirit descended into hell and preached the gospel to the spirits imprisoned there.(1Peter 3:19; Catechism of the Catholic Church (C.C.C) Article 5-635).

Jesus resurrected from the dead with the help of Holy Spirit and ascended into heaven. The Spirit of God in Jesus is \'Spirit in Jesus\'. After his resurrection Jesus appeared to his disciples for forty days and taught them about the kingdom of God (Acts 1:3). On the fortieth day he ascended into heaven and was seated at the right hand of the Father. He will come again to judge the world. In the year 1988, God anointed his chosen servant Br. Tom Zachariah by giving him the Spirit in Jesus, that is, the Holy Spirit. He dedicated his life to spread the kingdom of God from the last twenty five years. In 1989, Brother Tom started preaching the Word of God. In the last twenty five  years God used him in a mighty way for spreading the Kingdom of god. Now the \'Spirit in Jesus\' ministry has become a leading spiritual movement not only in Kerala but to the other Geographical locations (U.K, Dubai etc). Besides Catholics of Latin, Syro-malabar and Syro-malankara rites, Jacobites, Marthomites and Protestants of various denominations who believe in Mother Mary work together in this ministry.

The name \'Spirit in Jesus\' is not a human invention, but given by the Holy Spirit himself. In 1989, the Lord revealed to Br Tom the name \'Spirit in Jesus\'. In several spiritual visions the name \'Spirit in Jesus\' was seen written in illuminated letters. On certain occasions a voice was heard calling out the name \'Spirit in Jesus\'. The Lord inspired him to accept the name, write it on a piece of paper and offer it on the alter during a holy mass. Rev. Fr Peter Mathirappally, a Latin diocesan parish priest, who was the first spiritual adviser, offered the name in the holy mass and prayed for the plan of God to be revealed. In 1990, the prayer group came to be known as \'Spirit in Jesus\'. In the year 1997, the Lord revealed the power and authority in the name: \'Spirit in Jesus\'. During the time of casting out of unclean spirits, when the leader uttered the name: \'Spirit in Jesus\', the evil spirits cried out in a loud voice and begged not to say that name. The evil spirits felt the falling of fire upon them. Similar experiences have occurred several times. In 1990, this ministry started retreats in Malayalam. In 2001, telecasting of programs in Malayalam commenced. Presently they are done through three channels of which the national channel Surya T.V telecasts the program in the name \'Miracles in Rosary\' every Monday at 6.30 am.

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